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70' uv light Hallway Mural
Georgia Aquarium

Designer & Scenic Charge

Point of contact: Josh Blaylock, VP of Exhibits
Assistant: Ash Bingham



Approached about heading this monster project after working a number of projects as a charge at the aquarium.
parameters: must be a deep seascape, uv light, with a fact or two on the walls (stenciled).  Aside from that, the green light was given to 'do whatever I want & have fun!'  This mural was completed in 3wks overnight and required extensive research on deep-sea life & formations.

Design 1 of 2 in-process:


Detail Imagery:

note: because the blacklight didn't quite reach the furthest portion of the hallway as much as the top half, the bottom section was not able to be photographed in a manner that sufficiently highlighted the work done.  Please visit the aquarium to experience this work of art at it's full capacity!

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