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Bee luther hatchee

Scenic & Projections Designer,

Scenic Charge 

Impact Theatre with Academy Theater

DIR.: Brenda Porter

LIGHTING: Erica French

Sound & Producer: Robert Drake

Photos by Gabby

Bee Luther Hatchee tells 2 narratives: that of reality and that of perceived reality.  In Act 1, the show jumps from modern-ish day to the 60's, with both scenes and monologues and a number of letter exchanges on a piece of writing the lead has recently published.  In Act 2, the audience remains in a hotel room with 2 characters as they debate moral standing and also experience flashbacks and dream sequences.  This set was inspired both by the standard layout of a rural train station (covered numerous times in monologues) and the textures and colors of mail exchange (ex. brown packaging, twine, lettering).  Scrim was utilized for any flashbacks and different furniture pieces were moved and repurposed throughout.

*note: There was an extremely small budget for this production and most items were either loaned or repurposed.

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