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georgia aquarium
Aquanaut Adventure

(Exhibit Redesign)
Scenic Charge Artist
Exhibit Redesign Project
Supervisor: Michael E. Lewis

Designs by: CGAV Destinations

Gabby was hired a couple short weeks before being scheduled to come into the Aquarium.  She led a team of Aquarium volunteers in all of the wall painting, and then returned later in the month for detail painting.  An additional scenic artist assisted in the latter half of the project. Gabby was in charge of all paint experimentations and research before volunteers were brought in, the paint and materials order, and all design measurement/prep work, as well as consultation on expertise.  Everything photographed below was done by the paint team.

Original Look of the Space:

Design elevations:

The design packet was 80 pages in total.  The space consisted of 4 extremely large hallways which is now the educational exhibit running between the beluga and the whale shark exhibits, on the upstairs level.  All walls were made of hardiboard, and needed to look like worn, faux concrete.  Details also photographed were done either freehand, measurements and painter's tape, or with a stencil.

Process/detail photos:

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