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Backstage and other stories
World premiere
Show 1 of the 4x4 Series
Set Design
Synchronicity Theater
Written by: Terry Burrell

DIR.: S. Renee Clark
LIGHTING: Elisabeth Cooper
PROJECTIONS: Kimberly Binns

Backstage and Other Stories was the first show of the four in the 4x4 Series at Synchronicity Theater.  This was the most complex in terms of furniture and scenic changes.  The Wayfinding set was repurposed for the series so to set up this set 2 new platforms were built, the back platform was repainted, the back and moving walls were refaced with painted brick, the fabric removed from the metal framing on Stage Left and Stage Right.  The red house curtain was hung once more to be utilized.  Faux wood flooring was laid down (easy to install & remove) and empty frames, as well as frames containing pictures from Terry's life were hung with monofilament from the metal structures.  All furniture was added to casters and large string bulbs were wrapped around the center moving wall to suggest a proscenium arch.




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Inspiration Image
Inspiration Image

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