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Mirandy and brother wind
Scenic Designer
Synchronicity Theater

DIR.: Taryn Janelle

LIGHTING: Toni Sterling 
SCENIC ARTIST: Stefnie Cerny

Photos by Casey Gardner Ford / Gabby

Mirandy and Brother Wind was a part of the Family Series at Synchronicity Theater.  The show is based upon a children's book of the same title by Patricia McKissack. The color palette and style of the original book were studied extensively and drawn from.  A big player in the book is a quilt, which Mirandy uses to try and capture Brother Wind.  The floor was designed to look like both a quilt and also grass, wildflowers, and a dirt path. The house was a rotating piece that turned to reveal Mirandy's room.  Painted legs were made of muslin, which were manipulated with lights to reveal shadows at times.

scenic Model:

Mirandy Model Setup 3.jpg
Mirandy Model Setup 2.jpg

Paint Elevations:


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