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the Mad hatter gin & tea party
Georgetown installment

Art Department Lead (Set Design)
Fever Original Events
Written and directed by: Anderson Lawfer

*touring production adapted for each new location

SCENIC ARTIST: Amanda Smith 

Images of the 'drink me room' the evening before opening

Art Department Lead hired to incorporate a previous design of the touring immersive experience set into the rental retail space in Georgetown, D.C.

The space was a 2-story space.  Upon entering, guests would walk to the check-in table & present their tickets.  They were then free to roam a lobby space that was created to look like a storefront for a minimalist hat shop. In the center of the room there was a 'dressing room' which contained a large mirror masking a stairwell upstairs.  There was a hidden camera inside and guests were poked fun at by an actor on a mic & told to push the doors open.  They then walked up the staircase to the 'drink me room' where they were given their first beverage.  A large bookcase then opened to reveal a forced perspective hallway with a door at the end.  Upon knocking, a server would open the door to reveal the Tea Party Room where the event took place.

more images of the space:


design renderings & ideas presented:

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